The Gift


The Gift

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We all enjoy receiving gifts. Maybe it’s for your birthday, Christmas, or “just because.” It shows that someone cares. God loves you and cares for you. He wants to give you the ultimate gift—eternal life. So, let’s check this out.

Please read the following, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Now, let’s look at the key words.

WAGES—Wages are what you receive in exchange for what you have earned. Ask, “How would you feel if your boss refused to pay you the wages that were due to you?” Probably not well. Deep down, you know that it is only right to received what is deserved. Similarly, we earn “wages” from God for how we have lived our lives.

SIN—Sin can be both an attitude as well as an action. It can be either actively fighting God or as simple as excluding Him from our lives. Look the illustration of two “cliffs with a gap in between.” There is a distance between the person and God. This gap is caused by sin and cannot be closed by our own efforts.

DEATH—What thoughts some to mind when you hear the word “death?” Because God is the author of life, a spiritual death simply means separation from Him. Without God there is no help in this life or hope in the life to come.

BUT—This little word is extremely important because it means that a sharp contrast is coming. What you have just seen is bad news; what comes next is good news.

GIFT—A gift is something given freely. Every gift is free for the person receiving it, but someone had to pay for that gift.

GOD—The gift just described is from God Himself. It is so special that no one else can give it. It is a gift unlike any other gift.

ETERNAL LIFE—This is the opposite of death. Since death is eternal separation from God, then eternal life means a close relationship with God forever.

CHRIST JESUS—Inside the cross in the diagram is the name “Christ Jesus.” He is the source of eternal life. Jesus died on the cross as the payment for our sins so God can give us eternal life

TRUST—Although the word does not appear in this verse, it is understood. Jesus desires a relationship with your through faith in Him. You must admit responsibility for your sin and believe that Jesus has the power to forgive you. He paid for our sins by dying on the cross. It is not something you earn; it is a gift. Tell God (pray) that you are trusting in Christ Jesus to forgive you and that you believe He paid for your sins by dying on the cross in your behalf.

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